10 Microsoft Antivirus Alternatives for Windows XP

Microsoft announced on April 8, 2013, they will stop their solutions for Windows XP that’s 12 years old. They announced the retirement program of Windows XP on 8th April 2013 and maintained they will no longer provide security upgrades and any sort of additional aid for this When Microsoft announced the date of retirement of Windows XP, a 12 years old window and claimed they won’t be providing security to Windows XP anymore after 8th April 2014, means the system that has been operated on Windows XP will be under online attacks all of the time then the folks for whom switching to windows 7 or 8 has been out of question got worried and started looking out for alternative solutions. The best news related to this retirement of Windows XP is that security makers have opted to keep on providing updates to their applications for as long as they need. Some companies have promised to keep Windows XP secured with their security soft products for two decades. At the conclusion of this report, you may see 10 options for Windows XP with which you can secure your operating system from online attacks of viruses. Nevertheless, there are only a few ideas to secure your system.

Utilize Alternative Programs to Microsoft Antivirus for Windows XP So as to maintain your system secured from malware or virus attacks, you need to be cautious about your software that’s supplied by the Windows XP operating system. Try not to use Internet Explorer because it is a product of Windows XP and because Microsoft has decided to stop sending security updates to Windows XP so there is a high likelihood that your system can be in danger if you continue using the Internet Explorer. So it’s possible to switch to other alternative internet browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, which will offer the best security if they’re current. Another advice about machine security is to change your email program from Outlook Express to another.

The most famous email program nowadays is called Thunderbird which will continue getting security updates for Windows XP for some time to come. So far as switching to other programs was concerned, it’s also important to maintain your security suites current. Although antivirus programs can not have a place of security updates for Windows XP nevertheless they may keep your system powerful enough to withstand any malware attack. Listed below are 10 Microsoft alternative antiviruses that will keep on providing security updates for Windows XP.

Now, we’ll explain every choice one by one so as to make you know appropriate for your system. AVG is a really good antivirus that keeps your system safe from any type of malware. It blocks viruses, spyware, and some other malware. Additionally, it gives protection of links as it scans the net, Facebook or Twitter or some other social networking website from where the odds of viruses are extremely big. It may also shred the documents to prevent snooping.

It’s a built-in online shield that gives you protection for harmful downloads from the internet. It keeps your data safe in the event of any malware attack. So far as spams are involved, it prevents them from being powerful and consequently keeping your system clean from spams. It’s a strong firewall that makes sure that nobody can hack your computer and important things like passwords or credit card numbers.

Bit9 is also a fantastic program that keeps your system safe from malware. It may be used too for additional compensating security software for the body. Bit9 blocks the malware and spam emails and keeps the system limited to only trusted soft wares. It keeps your server secured and gives you the best protection from malware no matter what. Malware Bytes is an anti-malware which protects your system from online threats that your system can possibly have. People in countless are using Malware bytes for internet protection and it sure is a terrific software to keep your system safe from online threats. Avast antivirus is also a fantastic security program on which you may rely.

More than 300 million people in the world rely on Avast since it provides your system with the greatest security including online security and whatever you require. McAfee has also not declared its date for the end of service so that it will also continue providing security updates for at least two decades. So nothing to be concerned about if Microsoft has ceased sending security updates for Windows XP. McAfee is the best program that blocks all of the malware from entering your system and keeps your information safe. Bit defender will keep on guarding your system for a minimum of two years since it also hasn’t declared its date for the end of service.